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Palm Tree recruiters, LLC, is a  progressive recruiting company serving the healthcare and the nursing home industry. Our goal is to help people find excellent employment opportunities and connect them with established healthcare companies to fill their essential positions. We stand out with our innovative outreach strategies to meet  the needs of both potential employers and candidates by matching their facilities and needs for perfect partnership.  Through a meticulous and careful recruiting process, Palm Tree Recruiters finds and screens qualified candidates for successful employment in nursing homes and rehab centers throughout the country.

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One of our most important values is confidentiality throughout the search process without compromising your personal information. Palm tree Recruiting respects the privacy of our candidates. Cultivating relationships with each candidate, listening to your needs, helping you find avenues to grow in your profession– are important principles we operate by. It is important to us to gain your trust and we watch out for both the candidate’s and the home’s best interests.

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